Weekly Walks

Hi there Folks!

I, today, am sharing something that does not require me to be funny or use any sarcasm. Excuse me to not come up with a light-hearted post. I felt the need to share with you one of my habits that I have instilled to remind myself of the things that I otherwise would take for granted.

Each Saturday, I make it a point to go for a stroll and visit a temple which is not more than 700 meters away from my home. Yes, I am a theist. I find it calming to visit a divine place every once in a while. I strictly take the same route to the temple every single time with my mp3 player helping me ease the boredom of the walk as it plays my preferred songs back to back. After offering my prayers to the Almighty, I head homewards. I am back to my den and it takes me 45 minutes in all.

Now why do I engage in this ritual of Weekly Walks? En route, there are a few roadside dwellers that I see on the footpath in their shabby self-made accommodation using bamboo sticks and plastic sheets. They have kids as well as grandparents, all living in the small shanty. Plus, it is no surprise that the food consumption and quality would be way below par for these people. They might work as laborers whenever the need for such people arises but that is not enough. The Hardships they are facing is such that there is little scope of putting an end to it. Their Next Generation too would be illiterate due to their incapacity to afford educational fees and they too shall lead a life below poverty line. Be it a downpour, bone chilling winds or skin burning temperatures outside, they have to get through every climatic change using the plastic sheets as their roofing system. Each rising Dawn brings along with it the stress of fulfilling the utmost necessities of life i.e. food, clothing and shelter.


What could be reason behind these people subjected to such an ordeal ? Who is responsible for their sorry state ? It is ‘Birth Right’. With every second, lakhs of births take place around the world. Each baby has a ‘Birth Right’. It means a particular right of possession or privilege a person has from birth. So, the ones that are born in luxurious and wealthy and economically sound families are lucky enough to at least not be stressed about the basic necessities. While a newborn in a family of street and slum dwellers are unfortunate to have no security of any sort. They have to fight and struggle to make ends meet unlike others. The Lone reason for such discrimination is Birth Right.

My Weekly Walks remind me of how blessed and fortunate I am to be able to enjoy what I have in life rather than be dissatisfied observing a richer neighbour who owns a bigger car, a lavish house and a glitzier life. I have what billions of people on the earth do not. It is good to achieve greater things in life but not at the cost of forgetting how blessed we all are.

Let’s help somebody who isn’t equally blessed as us. Do make an effort to help a needy, whenever, wherever and however possible for you, no matter how small the aid you can manage. You spot a poor guy having his meal at a roadside food stall, go buy him that meal. At times of disposing blankets, go ahead and let nearby street dwellers have it. And if you come across a person who believes he or she isn’t lucky enough as the Ambanis, the Birlas or the Tatas, I say, suggest them to take a Weekly walk like mine.

Bitter Truth
Bitter Truth

6 thoughts on “Weekly Walks”

  1. Boy, this thought is very noble and thanks for motivating people by sharing it.
    We all may be aware, but never cared to take time out and share. Thus is your concern for the needy and underprivileged which is evident and compel you to take up responsibility and make others do their share in whichever and whatever way possible. Keep doing the good job.

  2. Harshil you are sensitive towards such social and economically backward section of our society.. most of your age are not, thats commendable! Best in you is that you have not limited your sensitivity to just blogging about it, but have stepped forward and helped the needy.. for you both actions and words speak better. Keep yourself motivated, and motivate others as well..Best Luck!

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