When GOD had a GOOD Laugh !

Radhe Maa at Work

“During your trials & sufferings when you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” I believe we all have read this small story where GOD explains to us, as shown in the previous statement, why do we find only one set of footprints in the sand at the times when life gets tough. Well, try explaining that to a devotee of RADHE MAA & all you shall get is a straightforward denial. Ironically, Radhe Maa the Godwoman, believes in being carried by her devotees who are facing problems in their lives.
If the question, ‘Radhe Maa, Who?’ pops up in your head, let me introduce you to my Number #1 Exhibit that has given the Almighty GOD a GOOD laugh. Sukhwinder Kaur aka Radhe Maa, recently made it to the big league of God-men & God-women of India. She boasts of a fan following that many promising singers or exceptional dancers in India envy. Of course, she toils day in & day out to achieve such fan base. It is not easy to carry a rose in one and a ‘Trishul’ (which is the size of a fork you eat noodles with) in other hand during her ‘Satsangs’ and keeping mum throughout. In addition, Radhe Maa prefers delivering kisses and hugs at will. If that isn’t tiring enough, she occasionally breaks into a dance of sorts.

Best of Both Worlds
Best of Both Worlds

Radhe Maa’s traits also include in being sync with the modern era of Human evolution. By donning an pink attire, shoes and a cap after making sure the colour combination is perfect, she makes sure that nobody dares to question her sense of fashion despite being a God-Woman. Hannah Montana’s ‘Best of Both Worlds’ song is probably what is on repeat in Radhe Maa’s mp3 playlist nowadays.

My Exhibit Number #2 : A Garment Shop Owner turned God-Men NIRMAL BABA. Nirmal Baba (Nirmaljeet Singh Narula) is well known for his impromptu solutions that is offered to his devotees’ worries and problems in life. The variety of solutions range from eating Golgappas, Sevpuri, wearing branded shoes, to visiting religious destinations and temples in India, depending on Nirmal Baba’s assessment of devotee’s problem. All those innumerous street vendors of delicious chaats, bhel, sevpuri and related foods and vendors selling shoes, clothes, automobiles, etc, take a sigh of relief when Nirmal Baba directs his devotees’ in search of relief from their worries.

Nirmal Baba asking for High Five
Nirmal Baba asking for High-Five

Such session of problems-solutions were broadcasted on national television & was titled ‘Third Eye of Nirmal Baba’. At the conclusive phase of every session, each devotee opens up their wallets and Nirmal Baba gives a High-Five sort of a gesture from the stage that is believed to mysteriously multiply the cash in future. I am not sure about multiplication but a subtraction definitely occurs as a fee of 2000 INR per person must be paid to go to such sessions.

As much as it is funny to watch people become ardent followers of self acclaimed God-Women and God-Men like Nirmal Baba, Radhe Maa and many more, it is crucial to understand as to what is causing this Blind Faith amongst people to resort to such tactics. India is looked upon as a country that shows the best growth in coming years worldwide. It is beyond due to get rid of such funny business in our nation. I believe in the Power of Education. The Rural literacy levels are at 71% while urban areas score 86% in that matter. Hence, the rural areas need a boost of education which will close the shops of these ‘Man-Made Gods’.

Until India sees the dawn of such a day, GOD continues to have a GOOD laugh!


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